Lucas Beaufort + Finisterre

Explore our latest Artist Collaboration. 

Bringing together his iconic designs and our sustainable fabric expertise, we’ve teamed up with visionary French artist, Lucas Beaufort, to create a limited collection of uplifting summer gear.

A Wheal Kitty Welcome

To mark Lucas’ arrival in the workshop we gathered friends and local talent for a day of artistic creativity, bringing together people, ideas and creating new stories.

Lucas Beaufort painting
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Tune In To The Conversation

While Lucas was at the workshop we grabbed a moment with our Head of Design, Todd, to sit down and talk about life, creativity and his connection to the natural world.

Episode 21
Lucas Beaufort

A self-described dreamer, living in a world surrounded by beautiful monsters.

Lucas' distinctive artworks explore connections, mirroring his own affinity for connecting with the world and people around him. From his interwoven net-like murals to ‘Gus Gus’, the playful character who wanders the world experiencing all without seeing or judging, we worked closely with Lucas to adorn the range with bespoke designs, exclusive to the collaboration.

Discover The Collection

Built with recycled fabrics, including those from ocean waste, and low impact organic cotton, discover coastal adventure gear made with as little impact as possible.

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