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Field Testing The Wander Range

Hard-wearing, quick drying and offering lightweight comfort, our new Wander collection is built for multi-day adventures – whether travelling, backpacking or exploring the wilderness. Determined to put it through it's paces on our latest trip, the team set out to Field Test this new product range…


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Written by Zak Rayment

Photography by Abbi Hughes & Dylan Gordon

There’s no such thing as bad weather… just the right gear for the conditions at hand. This mentality is core to how we design at Finisterre; sourcing the hardiest fabrics and constructing fit-for-purpose products that get you out in the elements time and time again.

Our new Wander Range is no exception, so when we were greeted with wet, foggy conditions on our latest trip, we jumped at the chance to thoroughly test out our new gear. The whole collection is built from a fully recycled nylon ripstop fabric which is hard-wearing, quick drying and imbued with an FC Free water-repellant finish (DWR). Made up of shirts, trousers, shorts, and jumpsuits we set off to put it through its paces.

Ivonne testing the Wander collection's range of movement...

... as water beads off the DWR coated fabric.

Meeting at the base of the trail in thick fog, the crew set off into the hills to explore in high spirits. The whole Wander range was created with a relaxed fit to allow maximum range of movement when hiking, climbing and exploring – a benefit the team quickly put to the test by scrambling over boulders and through gullies as they explored the winding trails.

Despite the wet conditions, the Wander's DWR performed admirably and the team pressed on. Persistence, as it so often does, eventually paid off…

Once the sun emerged the fabric dried out in no time...

... and Quest thoroughly tested the ripstop's durability.

Just as we reached the summit, the clouds began to part and the landscape revealed itself from behind the curtain of fog. Within just a few minutes, the sun had pushed through the clouds and the lightweight fabric of the Wander range was drying quickly.

The Wander range has been designed exactly for adventures like these – long, multi-day expeditions, travelling between countries and exploring in the wilderness when you don’t know how the weather will change and need to be ready for any eventuality. Offering outdoor performance in a package that looks good almost anywhere, it’s the ideal companion to your explorations this summer.


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