The People We Meet

We’re lucky enough to meet some incredible people. Hailing from different coastlines, different communities, but all linked by a passion for adventure and a shared love of the ocean.

On our latest adventure we met up with a whole host of characters. In this instalment we meet change maker and Textured Waves co-founder Danielle Black Lyons, were guided by the local knowledge of photographer Dylan Gordon, and even managed to drop in on old friend Christian Beamish, who sent us on our way with a stack of boards, ready to explore the coastline...

Danielle Black Lyons

A surfer, community leader and co-founder of Textured Waves, we met up with Danielle Black Lyons to talk about her surfing journey and creating an inspiring community to help more women of colour to take to the water.

“Surfing is for everyone, so shouldn’t everyone feel represented, seen and celebrated?”

Danielle Black Lyons, Co-founder of Textured Waves

With Danielle having been raised in California, and Quest and Autumn arriving from the surfing community built around the bustle of New York City, they took the moment to tell their stories and unify around shared experiences.

First port of call? A sunset surf, of course, and all three took to the water to make the most of a small swell in the dying evening light.

Autumn joined us from New York to capture the journey...

... her own path to surfing greatly inspired by Danielle and Textured Waves.

“I’d dreamed of surfing but never had the imagery to put someone who looked like me on a board...”

Autumn Kitchens, Content Creator

Dylan Gordon

A talented photographer whose work blends ranch and surf lifestyles, Dylan’s deep knowledge of the landscape was invaluable.

Born and raised on this coastline, his intimate understanding of the landscape and spots just off the beaten track proved invaluable. We were grateful to be guided by the local knowledge of photographer Dylan Gordon.

Bright, warm days were spent by the ocean – hunting for waves and capturing moments of fun in the sand. Amongst the good weather, sunshine and rainy days presented the perfect opportunity for a rigorous test of our new all-day adventure wear, the Wander Range...

Christian Beamish

Eager to catch up with old friends, we dropped in on writer, surfer and shaper Christian Beamish, who greeted us with a smile and a stack of boards to send us on our way. Listen back on our 2022 podcast episode with Christian talking boards, boats and Baja.


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Behind The Scenes

From unseen fun to candid moments shared with the crew, join the team for a peek behind the scenes on our latest adventure.