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Sheico Group were founded back in 1968 and started out making raincoats and rubber boots. They produced their first wetsuit in 1980 and since then have grown to become one of the largest wetsuit manufacturers in the world. We started working with wetsuit maestro Mat D’Ascoli in 2014, who has known and worked alongside the Sheico team since he was 15 years old. As well as being Fairtrade certified, Sheico provides Blue Sign certified dyeing practices in addition to a whole range of innovative, green wetsuit technologies. From water-based glues and recycled fabrics to FSC certified Yulex Pure; a neoprene-free wetsuit material, we work closely with the Sheico team to make our wetsuit as sustainable as it can be, without compromising on performance.

SUPPLIES: Wetsuits
EMPLOYEES: 230 Taiwan / 3300 Thailand
CERTIFICATION: Fairtrade Certified
LAST AUDITED: November 2018