A Journey of Innovation

Our new biodegradable Beacon Jacket may represent a fresh benchmark in circular design, but we’ve been on this journey a while, constantly adapting and feeding innovation into everything we do.

The original 2003 Finisterre Fleece

2003 - Our first product

We began almost two decades ago, with an innovative and durable waterproof fleece. So hardy we still see them around today.

Archive image showing some of the first jackets worn by a group standing in front of a tent

2005 - Switching to recycled

We started using recycled fabrics for our jacket, leading to the development of our recycled Finisterre Engineered Insulation.

Model wearing a Finisterre waterproof jacket in the rain

2010 - Going FC Free

We began the process of eliminating fluorocarbon finishes from our waterproofs, and all our waterproof jackets are now fully FC Free.

Founder Tom Kay holding Merino lamb

2012 - A rich heritage of Merino

Building on our merino baselayers from 2005, we launched our first Bowmont Jumper, resurrecting a British supply chain for premium merino wool.

Model wearing a Finisterre organic cotton sweatshirt

2016 - Moving to Organic Cotton

We started using organic cotton, requiring 71% less water and 62% less energy to grow. Today, we only use organic cotton in our range.

Model wearing a Finisterre recycled wool fleece

2020 - Recycled Wool Fleece

We launched our recycled wool fleece range, providing a hardy outdoor fleece option, built with natural materials.  

Detail of the Finisterre Beacon

2022 - The Beacon Jacket

The Beacon is the culmination of years of innovation, taking everything we’ve learned to create our first fully circular, biodegradable jacket.

Biosmock Insulated Jacket

Men's Beacon Insulated Jacket



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