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Oceanographic, Issue 17

Oceanographic, Issue 17

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Oceanographic, Issue 17
Oceanographic, Issue 17
Oceanographic, Issue 17

Oceanographic, Issue 17


The wonder of our blue planet brought to life.


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In Issue 17, uncover how despite surviving and thriving for thousands of years, the endemic coastal wolves of the Pacific Northwest are under threat. Unsurprisingly, it is humans that are driving them into scarcity.

Catch up with Finisterre ambassador Dr Easkey Britton as she reflects on the power and benefits of being in water - especially at a time of such collective trauma as is being faced around the world currently.

Freediver and Finisterre ambassador Hanli Prinsloo, reveals how she is managing to stay connected with the ocean at a time when she is unable to visit it due to the pandemic: mind diving.

Learn how the Physioshark research program, based in Moorea, is investigating how early life stages of reef sharks are coping with the stressor of climate change.

In 'Behind The Lens' hear from one of the world's leading ocean photographers, National Geographic's David Boubilet, and see a selection of his stunning work.

Finally, look on in awe at the rare ornate eagle ray. Is this species emblematic of the beauty and mystery of the ocean, as well as the threats we pose to it?

As part of Oceanographic Magazine's '20% for ocean conservation promise', £2 from every magazine sold in Finisterre stores will be donated to the charity of our choice, Surfers Against Sewage.

Become an Oceanographic reader, become an ocean conservationist!


  • Uncover how the endemic coastal wolves of the Pacific Northwest are under threat.
  • Understand how progress is key to protecting the largest aggregations of whale sharks in the world.
  • Learn how researchers investigate the impact of climate change stressors upon reef sharks.
  • Hear from Finisterre ambassadors on how our connection with water is more important now than ever.
  • See the showcase of work from leading ocean photographer, David Doubilet.