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After four years developing our cold water wetsuits for surfers on British shores, in the winter of 2014 we launched our unique wetsuit tester programme – ‘Nieuwland Works’. We invited three hundred of you to try our suits, from farmers to mechanics, teachers to our athletes. The feedback we received was honest and essential and helped us to refine our technology to create the best and warmest wetsuit on the market.

"We've developed a suit that will perform in the true cold water environments that we experience on these shores. Our first wetsuit was a milestone moment for us." - Tom Kay, Founder

This year, in the summer of 2018, we are introducing our first ever summer wetsuit; the Nieuwland 3e. A 3mm wetsuit made from YulexPure with recycled laminates, making it one of the most sustainable wetsuits available. YulexPure is a natural rubber sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified plantations, providing a high-performance, low carbon alternative to traditional neoprene. Performance without compromise.

Nieuwland 3e Wetsuit Nieuwland 3e Wetsuit
Nieuwland 3e Wetsuit

Introducing the Nieuwland 3e, our first summer wetsuit. Fusing our cold water expertise with Yulex Pure™ natural rubber, the 3e offers a hig

Nieuwland 4 Wetsuit Nieuwland 4 Wetsuit
Nieuwland 4 Wetsuit

Back for Winter 2017 in a smart ink blue colourway and improved fit, our Nieuwland 4 wetsuit is suitable for sea temperatures in the region

Nieuwland 5 Hooded Wetsuit Nieuwland 5 Hooded Wetsuit
Nieuwland 5 Hooded Wetsuit

Back for winter 2017 in a smart ink blue colourway and improved fit, the Nieuwland 5 is our warmest wetsuit, suitable for sea temperatures o

 Our aim is to build wetsuits that withstand the test of time and retain their warmth for surfers on colder shores, as well as building on Finisterre’s heritage of innovation and quality. 

We continue to work with Mat D’Ascoli, a true master in his field, to build, develop and refine our wetsuits. The main features across our suits include a higher internal loft, double needle blind stitching and 15mm seam tape throughout to improve warmth and durability, higher-grade neoprene through upper body, and a custom neck entry system to reduce flushing.

"We've built the suits from the ground up; our pattern, fit and innovation, looking at key areas where we think we can improve. It’s a challenge to get right; you have such an intimate relationship with it as a product, and it's why we wanted to invest genuine time into testing each suit, to make any refinements and improvements before each season." - Tom Kay  

Building on the success of our original wetsuit tester programme, in autumn 2017 we launched the women’s wetsuit tester programme, working with a range of female surfers throughout the UK and further afield.

At the end of the season, we hosted an industry first; women’s wetsuit tester camp. The weekend gave the testers the opportunity to share some waves and connect, whilst also discussing the wetsuit and the programme as a whole, ahead of the wider release this autumn 2018.


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